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私の制作テーマは、「用途のない、飾られる為だけに作られた器」です。床の間や玄関に飾られた大きな皿や壷。食べ物を盛りつけられる事も、花を生ける事も無く鎮座する器たち。用途のある形であるはずの器型をしておきながら、 実際には使用されずに飾られるだけという存在が、一般の人々に自然に受け入れられています。装飾されるだけならばどんな形でも良いはずですが、あくまで器型をしているのはなぜか。フレームが絵画であるためのひとつの装置になり得るように、器形は工芸であるための装置といえるからではないでしょうか。


そこから私は、器とも彫刻ともつかない 謎のものを仕立てあげ、「美術、工芸」「器、装飾」といった枠組みを壊すようなダイナミックな形をめざした作品作りを始めました。


Vessel and Anti-vessel

The vessel is,of course,a utilitarian form. But there are vessels that are simply decorative;they exist without flowers being arranged or food being served in them.These vessels are as a matter of course placed for appreciation in the entrance hall of a house or in its tokonoma alcove.Most such pieces are referred to as craft objects,but they transcend the crafts,which by nature are useful.If they are simply decorative pieces,in fact,there is no need for them to make the vessel form.
The categories “fine art” and”craft”have long been present in Japan but today,for most people,the boundaries between them are vague.Perhaps that is because people are more comfortably looking at craft pieces,which seem more approachable and familiar,than the unfamiliar,mysterious presence we call fine art.

The vessel form may thus be one type of device used in the studio crafts,like the painting and the frame in the fine arts.

Whether art or craft,I want to offer work that is intensely consciousness of that category,that framework,to explore what I myself felt.

What spurred me to create this series of works was the idea that they might generate some insight,if I featured,in an intriguing way,works that are situated on that ambiguous boundary.